DCS-200 TUI Damper Control Panel

dcs-200 tui damper control panel

The DCS-200 TUI adds networking capability and an intuitive touch screen user interface to the Disys Technologies damper control system. Up to 12 DCS-100 panels may be networked together providing a system capacity of 1200 smoke/fire dampers. Building on the success of the revolutionary DCS-100 damper control system, the cost effective DCS family is now capable of controlling all the fire/smoke dampers in the largest installations from one central point.

Network optimisation
By networking of DCS-100's & the best solution can be achieved, as dicatated by the building layout, for the lowest cost
Inter panel network
Prioritised messaging ensures that alarm messages are relayed as a priority between panels.
1 kilometre panel network
Individual panels are located anywhere on a communications loop of up to 1 kilometre in length.
Display options
Damper statuses may be viewed by panel or loop